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alicewpa.net is a tool availabole to every device with an internet connection that calculates the wpa key of an alice ssid through a known algorythm. All you need is to digit the SSID numbers in the form and press Calculate. If you password is the same as the calculated one, you'd better to change it.

What do i have to digit into the form?
E.g. an ssid Alice-62411217, you will digit 62411217 in the form.
I can't find the wpa key for an ssid, what can I do?
It hasn't been added in out database yet, just try few time later.

Security algorythms: WEP and WPA
The WEP security algorythm is useless and unsafe nowadays and must be avoided if you are looking for a good wireless protection. It just takes ten minutes to crack a WEP with known suites which don't require wide knownledges. Use WPA/WPA2 instead, which are more difficult and sometimess impossible to crack because the way to crack them need a lot of time expecially if the password is complex and includes symbols or numbers (or both).

How to create complex passwords?
A complex password is made out of letters, numbers and symbols mixed up in a unordered sequence.
A typical error is to use a simple password like 12345678, abcdefg, qwerty, birth, names and other passwords which could be included in a wordlist and mean a problem (a wordlist is a list of words used for dictionary attacks in order to speed up the password cracking). Use a phrase like "I love sport" and make it complicated. Examples: iL0v3$poRT!, iLOVESp()rt and so on.